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Sprout Social Agency Month

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Session time: 30 minutes

For the past few years, October has been a time for Sprout to gather its agency partners together to celebrate, connect and set the stage for what we can expect in #agencylife for the year ahead. As we all know, 2020 is a bit different. That’s why this year we’re dedicating the entire month of October to agencies. At Sprout, October is Agency Month!

During October, we’ll meet every Tuesday at 10:30am CDT (4:30pm BST/11:30am EDT/8:30am PDT) for 30-minute sessions chock full of agency best practices, data insights, plus tips and tricks that will empower your agency to tackle 2021 business planning.

All agencies are welcome to attend these sessions and the community conversations we’ll host in the Agency Exchange on Facebook.

Agency Month Topics:

  • Welcome to Agency Month (Oct. 1st @ 10:30AM CDT)
  • Week 1: Centering Social in Marketing Strategy
  • Week 2: 10% Better: Agency Edition
  • Week 3: Social Strategy Jam
  • Week 4: Agency Recognition