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Customer Webinar

Customer Exclusive: 6 Creative Data Hacks with Sprout

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Webinar Details

6 Creative Data Hacks with Sprout will teach you how to leverage data effectively, strategically and as painlessly as possible. From tagging and reporting to segmentation and query building, we’re here to show you how to activate the data-driven insights available in Sprout. 

Data and analytics for social is a rich and complex topic, so here’s a sneak peek of the six chapters we’ll be covering: 

  • Work with segmented analysis… so that you know exactly which campaigns and content types are moving the needle for your brand. Videos vs. non-videos. People vs. product. UGC vs. non-UGC. You catch our drift. 
  • Kickstart content creation by listening… using proven methods to discover what your markets do and don’t love
  • Understand your trends, top performers, and total duds… and understand the “why” and identify what’s next. 
  • Connect your customers and your product… by leveraging Reviews, tagging in your Smart Inbox, setting up the right Inbox rules and more.
  • Let customers tell your story… and see that reporting isn’t just about the numbers.
  • Only show what’s relevant… by cutting straight to the chase and identifying the metrics that matter to key stakeholders.
  • Bonus: See what features we’re rolling out next and how they can help you. 

This webinar covers how to use data more efficiently to inform and measure your marketing strategies. Leading the webinar are Tazi Flory, Senior Customer Success Manager, and Amber Washington, Product Marketing Strategist. Our Customer Community Strategist, Joe Huber, will be moderating and providing further insight.

The Presenters

Amber Washington

Product Marketing Strategist
Sprout Social

Amber is a Product Marketing Strategist and Chicago transplant, originally from Jacksonville, Florida. In her free time, she's advocating for diversity in tech, trying new restaurants and planning her next adventure. @sproutamber

Tazi Flory

Senior Customer Success Manager
Sprout Social

Tazi is a senior member of Sprout's customer success team, based in the Seattle office. Tazi spends her time boxing, reading fantasy and adventure books, and passionately arguing that pie is better than cake. She loves social (duh) and spends too much of her time looking at Instagram stories. @tazi_flory