This week Facebook announced that developers can now customize their app or gaming experience across mobile devices.

Through the Graph API, you’re able to retrieve a list of devices that members have connected to Facebook, such as an iPhone or Android device.

Not only will this provide you with additional insights about your audience, but you can also use this information to optimize in-app content for difference devices. For example, you can prompt a web user with an iPhone to install your native app.

You can also provide individuals with device-based friend recommendations using the Multi-Friend Selector. This feature enables your app to only display friends using the same device. For example, an iPad app might want to only display other friends using Facebook for iPad.

With the recent launch of its App Center, Facebook is creating a lot of opportunity for developers, especially mobile developers. In May alone, the social network drove people to iOS apps 134 million times. Additionally, seven of the top 10 growing iOS apps and six of the top 10 Android apps have integrated with Facebook.

Being able to create more relevant experiences across devices is a great way to retain current and attract new users. You can learn more about the Graph API and Multi-Friend Selector on Facebook’s Developers Blog.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Jeremy Keith]