In addition to launching a redesigned app for iOS 7, Facebook also announced this week that advertisers can reach mobile customers by using iOS Identifier for Advertising.

The social network currently offers the ability to define a Custom Audience for ad targeting. In addition to using current customers’ emails, phone numbers, and Facebook UIDs, you can now upload a list of your existing customers’ iOS IDFAs — an advertising ID that Apple provides as part of its ads framework.

According to Facebook, this is one of the most-requested features from mobile advertisers, many of whom already use the iOS IDFA as a standard advertising ID for Apple users. The social network doesn’t yet offer this capability for Android.

You can upload mobile advertiser IDs (either iOS IDFAs or App User IDs) within the Power Editor or the Ads API. App User IDs were introduced in May, and allow advertisers to define and reach people who have engaged with their Facebook-connected mobile apps.

Introduced last fall, Custom Audiences enable you to find your existing customers easier on Facebook. Early studies found that targeting its email list lead to one company increasing its sign-up rate by 43 percent and reducing cost-per-lead by 30 percent. The company continues to refine this feature, making it a more valuable tool for advertisers.

For more information, including a tutorial on how to reach mobile app users through Custom Audiences, visit Facebook’s developer blog.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: JD Hancock]