Mobile app install ads are now easier to create than ever. As part of its continuing efforts to simplify its ad products, Facebook launched a new way for developers to take advantage of the mobile ad unit.

Launched last October, mobile app install ads allow you to buy prominent exposure for your app inside the social network’s mobile News Feed. When clicked, individuals are prompted to download the app right onto their mobile device — if already installed, it will open automatically.

Previously, you had to register your app with Facebook before you could create a mobile app install add. Now, all you have to do is provide a link to your app’s listing in Apple’s App Store or Google Play. From there you can select your target audience and set your budget.

Although it’s relatively minor news, the simplified creation process is a huge win for advertisers that are interested in the mobile ad unit, but until now, haven’t tried using it. In May, it was revealed that mobile app install ads drove a total of 25 million app downloads. Additionally, 40 percent of the 100 top-grossing apps for Android and iPhone have advertised on Facebook.

For first-time advertisers, the company suggests that you read through the simple steps listed under “Get Started Running Mobile App Install Ads,” and then visit the ads create tool to get started. Once your ad is up and running, it’s recommended that you integrate with Facebook so you can take advantage of advanced measurement and optimization tools, like the newly updated Ad Manager Reports.

[Via: AllFacebook, Image credit: Bob Rosenbaum]