Twitter released a couple of minor updates that help to improve your tweeting experience. Now, when you start composing your tweet, the text will change colors when you’ve added something clickable, such as a username or URL.

The text will change to blue — depending on your design settings; ours changed to green — putting a small spotlight on the account or content you’re sharing. Since it draws attention to these items — arguably the most important parts of the tweet — it’s a good reminder to make sure everything is correct.

Similarly, the text will also change colors to signify that you’ve exceeded your 140 characters limit. In this instance, text will be highlighted in red so you know exactly which characters need to be rewritten or removed. Previously you were only shown how many characters you typed over 140. This is a handy feature for anyone who hasn’t quite mastered the art concise tweets.

Currently, it appears these features are only available on There’s no word on whether the company’s official mobile apps or desktop clients will receive the same update. Although relatively minor, it could make a world of difference for those who are new to Twitter.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: Tim]