Residencia Sprout case study

Teamwork makes the dream work, or so it goes at Residencia, a premier advertising agency based out of Mexico City.

The team at Residencia doesn’t just produce content, it creates content people want to share and social is an essential part of the process. With the help of smart strategy, enhanced workflows and performance analysis, the agency helped one client secure almost 2 million new fans across its social media profiles on a year-over-year basis, as well as boost social engagements by more than 80% and impressions 90%.

“Our goal is to become the biggest brand content creator in the Hispanic market,” said Alan Vargas, Social Media Director at Residencia. “Social media is important not only in the distribution but also the development of content. Social gives us insights through data about what we should create, from videos to images to GIFs. It’s essential to know how content performs, which posts work best and the reasons behind that.”

Just as important is engaging with consumers once the agency’s content is published, as well as keeping up with the daily responsibilities that come with managing multiple clients.

That’s where Sprout Social saves the day.

Growing With Groups

The Residencia team works in “cells,” with each cell led by an administrator who’s in charge of adding social users to client accounts, analyzing social metrics and optimizing daily tasks. This makes the organization of different cells and their associated accounts vital to the agency’s success.

Sprout’s Group functionality empowers Vargas to organize teams and social profiles to fit Residencia’s versatile work structure.

“It’s very useful to divide teams into Groups,” Vargas said. “We have a ‘master admin’ for each Group we create on the platform.”

Sprout allows agencies to organize groups by various criteria, such as business need, language or geography, as well as to ensure only specific people have access to certain groups and their social profiles.

While Sprout’s Group option makes it easy for different Residencia team members to collaborate, the platform’s user permission features ensure only approved individuals can access account information and publish content.

“With the community managers, we review every post that needs to be published, so having user permissions available in Sprout is very useful for us,” Vargas said.

Relying on Reporting

Clients also depend on Residencia to respond to inquiries on social and build online communities.

“Most of our clients give us specific KPIs, like response rate and response time,” Vargas said. “Sprout has a great feature, the Smart Inbox, which is the perfect way to organize a social customer team because we can focus on the different types of messages we receive. With this feature, we optimize our time and daily work.”

Residencia message volume

Sprout’s Smart Inbox collects all incoming messages from all connected profiles in one spot, allowing the experts at Residencia to discover engagement opportunities, tag incoming messages, join conversations and respond to customer questions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more all from the Sprout Social dashboard.

Vargas highlighted Volkswagen de México as one client that’s made big strides thanks to an increased focus on social as a service and sales channel.

Volkswagen experienced an increase in followers across all its social profiles in Mexico on a year-over-year basis as of November 2017, including a:

  • 21.3% increase in Twitter followers.
  • 49.7% increase in Facebook fans.
  • 53.1% increase in Instagram followers.
  • 75.9% increase in LinkedIn followers.
Residencia engagement growth

All together, this represents nearly 2 million new fans across all of Volkswagen de México’s social profiles during this time period.

Impressions of social content were also uniformly strong during this time, with impressions across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn increasing by 94.4%. That works out to a staggering 3.6 billion impressions.

Engagements also saw massive growth over the year, rising 87.4% across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, totalling more than 30 million engagements across these social channels.

Sprout’s reporting features also include internal data that lets Vargas assess factors like how many replies his team members are providing via social, how long it takes them to reply to messages, the average reply thread size and more.

“It’s a great tool to organize a social media team,” Vargas said. “It allows you to create groups focused on specific brands, define roles and watch every action of your team, all while optimizing the way you work and evaluating the performance of every person on the team.”

Whether publishing content, responding to consumers or evaluating team performance, Residencia keeps every angle covered using Sprout Social.

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