Chickasaw Country is a tourism organization that spans 13 counties and is comprised of businesses, attractions and restaurants located throughout south-central Oklahoma. Koch Communications, a public relations and digital agency, is responsible for overseeing and executing the brand’s social strategy. One of Koch Comm’s core initiatives is the Best of Chickasaw Country campaign, an annual campaign that aims to increase impressions and engagement for the across all social media platforms.

Sprout has opened the door for us to have a conversation with our clients about how we measure and benchmark the success of our campaigns.

Merek Cornett
Social Strategist and Account Executive at Koch Comms

In addition to representing Chickasaw Country, Koch Comm also manages the individual marketing reports of several businesses within Chickasaw Country. Koch Comm’s team works with all of its clients that are aaffiliated with Chickasaw Country to ideate and create social content that supports the holistic, broader campaign. Using Sprout, Koch Comm is able to efficiently manage and measure a social campaign that spans across 10 Facebook Pages and 10 clients.

“Sprout gives us insights that we can track on a daily basis and provides metrics we can provide our clients that are easy for them to digest,” said Cornett.

Koch Communications Facebook Pages Report

With Sprout’s Facebook Pages report, Koch Comm is able to easily identify and highlight the Best of Chickasaw Country’s most successful Facebook posts and quickly share that information with the client. This year, the campaign’s most successful content organically reached 79,976 people and had 5,318 click throughs.

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