Mobile app install ads have driven more than 145 million installs from Apple’s App Store and Google Play this year alone. With stats like that, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Facebook’s latest experiment is focused on the ad unit.

According to Blink Media Manager Hagar Refael, some Facebook advertisers are now able to preview their mobile app install ads directly on their mobile devices, complete with active install buttons. Previously, previews were only available through the Ads Create tool — where developers can copy and paste the link to their app and start building their install ads.

Although not much can be gleamed from the single screenshot provided, Refael reported that developers using Android can test iOS ads and vice versa. We’ve reached out to other mobile developers, as well as Facebook, to see how widespread this test is and just how much functionality is included in it.

Refael did note that active install buttons are available on the mobile preview. However, instead of bringing him to the actual stores, clicking the install button opened up the apps’ websites for the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Whether or not this will change is currently unknown.

Although desktop previews are better than nothing, being able to see a live version of your app install ad on a mobile device just makes more sense. It will certainly provide advertisers and developers with a clearer image of how the ad will look and work to consumers who come across the unit in their News Feeds.

We’ll update this article when/if more details are made available from Facebook. In the mean time, you can design your ads using Facebook’s Ads Create tool. If you’re looking for more information on mobile app ads for engagement and conversion, we recommend checking out this tutorial.

[Via: AllFacebook, Image credit: Maria Elena]