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We’ve got a big recap for you today. It’s time to get caught up on this week’s biggest social media news stories.

First up we’ve got several success stories, including those from nonprofits, the Minnesota Opera, and brands like Chobani, GE, and Disneyland. You can also catch up on our Community Manager Tips From the Field series, in which advice and strategies are shared from some of today’s best community managers.

And be sure to check out our articles on mobile optimization, LinkedIn Premium accounts, and Sprout’s engagement, trends, and team reports. Links to full stories can be found below.

How 4 Nonprofits Are Making an Impact Through Social Media

How 4 Nonprofits Are Making an Impact Through Social Media

Although there are distinct differences between philanthropic organizations and traditional businesses, one thing remains the same: the desire to attract followers who are genuinely interested in their product or service. Much like global brands, socially-savvy foundations have turned to social media to spread their messages, engage supporters, and raise funds. [Read More…]

Is Your Brand’s Social Media Presence Optimized for Mobile?

Is Your Brand’s Social Media Presence Optimized for Mobile

Whether you’re ready or not, mobile is quickly replacing desktops as the primary way consumers access information. 74 percent of Americans own smartphones, and more than one-third of users say it’s their primary Internet device. For a brand, this presents a massive opportunity to excite and engage customers. [Read More…]

Learn About the Twitter Approach That Works Best for Disneyland

How Disneyland Resort took to Twitter to Engage Customers

It can be a challenge to bridge the gap between a predominately physical business presence and the increasingly important digital space. If you do business primarily in a brick and mortar location, what can you offer your customers not just to bring them in, but engage them with your business online? [Read More…]

PDF Export for Sprout’s Engagement, Trends & Team Reports

PDF Export for Sprout’s Engagement, Trends & Team Reports

Sharing reports with your boss, client, or younger brother just got easier with PDF Export for Sprout’s Engagement, Trends, and Team reports. Each PDF is completely ready to share, giving full context into the report, the profile or group it covers, and the time frame. All you have to do is head over to the report you want to export, select the time frame, click on Export, and select Export PDF. [Read More…]

This Week, 2 Social Experts Shared Tips for Staying Invigorated

Community Managers' Tips from the Field Week in Review

At Sprout Social, we get to talk to some of the most talented community managers day in and day out. And as you know, the real wisdom and value lies in sharing experiences and tangible ideas. Last week we kicked off a series called the Community Manager Field Guide highlighting some of the best community managers out there, as well as their tips and suggested resources. In case you missed anything, here’s a recap from week one. [Read More…]

How the Minnesota Opera Promoted Old Media With New Media

How the Minnesota Opera Bridged the Gap Between Old Media and New Media

It’s more important than ever for businesses to embrace social technology — even businesses that are as traditional as opera companies. We were curious as to how such an old school medium was adapting to the social space, so we spoke with Adam Holisky, Technology & Interactive Media Manager for the Minnesota Opera about just how the non-profit has taken their message social. [Read More…]

What You Can Learn From GE and Chobani on Instagram

Here’s How You Can Master Branded Content on Instagram

With 200 million active users and 1.6 billion likes added daily, Instagram is helping hundreds of businesses reach their respective audiences through a captivating and rich visual platform. The app’s simple design allows each photo or video to take center stage, making it a powerful driver of engagement for branded content. [Read More…]

What’s the Best LinkedIn Premium Account for Business?

What’s the Best LinkedIn Premium Account for Business?

There’s no doubt that LinkedIn is a useful social network, especially for business professionals. The service is known for providing exceptional networking and recruiting opportunities, driving referral traffic, and establishing leads. Regardless of whether it’s marketing, recruiting, or sales related, businesses are always looking for ways to improve results. [Read More…]