The social media marketing company Wildfire, which was recently acquired by Google, just released a study focused on brand advocacy and Facebook marketing campaigns.

In this study, data was gathered over a nine-month period, in which the top 1,000 Facebook marketing campaigns were determined from a total of 700 brands.

The overall result: your brand’s evangelists are not only powerful, but valuable. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that brand advocacy has had a significant impact on marketing efforts.

Wildfire found that for every advocate or sharer, an average of 14 earned media impressions were generated. Also, on average, each advocate will bring 1.3 entirely new people to your Facebook Page.

Brands that are particularly successful at creating evangelists see triple the engagement on Facebook. Additionally, tripling the number of advocates leads to 13 times more growth in the number of fans your Page has.

“Brands should give users a variety of ways to engage with them — and several option for what to do when they get there — to increase time spent on the page as well as return activity,” explained Victoria Ransom, Wildfire founder and CEO. “Brands should also give users specific instructions about what to do to engage. For example, if you want someone to ‘Like’ your post, it helps to directly ask for it.”

While it’s important to remain focused on evolving and marketing your product or service, it’s just as important to acknowledge and “nurture” your most active fans. This can be done in several different ways, from a simple message to a sneak-peek or exclusive deal.

[Via: VentureBeat, Image credit: lululemon athletica]