LinkedIn today introduced a completely revamped “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” feature with more visual analytics and actionable insights. Combined, these elements give you more ways to manage your professional identity and increase your visibility across the professional social network.

Giving people a way to find new opportunities and be discovered by others, Who’s Viewed Your Profile has always been one of the most popular destinations on LinkedIn. Today’s update unlocks so much more, such as the keyword searches that led to your profile and how they found you. Additionally, you’ll be able to see greater demographic detail about your visitors. For example, what regions they live in, their profession, and what company they work for.

The most exciting new feature, however, is the real-time personalized tips on actions you can take to make yourself more discoverable to other professionals and business partners. These tips provide suggestions on everything from actions you can take to complete your profile to industry relevant articles that can be shared and which groups you should join. More important, you’ll see how those actions can potentially increase views of your profile.

The new Who’s Viewed Your Profile will begin rolling out to English-speaking LinkedIn members around the world today, with more languages to follow. As a brand, you might be more focused on your Company Page; however, that doesn’t mean your team’s profiles should be ignored. Individual profiles can lead to awareness for your brand, Company Page, Group, and even articles. So when you set up your page on LinkedIn, ask your employees to create and update their profiles as well.

Here we take a look at some ways you can make your LinkedIn Profile more stand out and deliver traffic to your brand.

Add an Attention-Grabbing Headline

Your LinkedIn headline is a key piece of real estate that shouldn’t be passed over. While most people use this space to state their name and current job title, others get more creative with it. For example, a recent Forbes article highlighted the profile of Juli Reynolds who created a unique headline for herself, giving people a better of idea of who she is and what she does.

Even if you choose to go the standard name and job title route, make sure that information is reflective of your current position and company. This way, if potential customers come across your profile, they’ll know which Company Page to access for more details about your brand and products.

Give Your Summary a Media Makeover

Visual content isn’t just something that you share in status updates, but it can also be added to your LinkedIn Profile. Last spring, the company added multimedia support, enabling you to showcase your talents in a whole new way by adding photos, videos, and slideshows to your profile.

Now you can illustrate your greatest achievements through imagery instead of text. Additionally, this is a great way to help humanize and get people interested in the people behind your brand. Maybe you recently created a teaser video for a product or built an industry-specific presentation for your company — share it on your profile.

Avoid Overused Buzz Words

This is more of a general tip to help you stand out from other professionals in your field. The most used buzzword in 2013 was “responsible,” which was used more than twice as often as the number two buzzword, “strategic.” Rounding out the top 10 were “creative,” “effective,” “patient,” “expert,” “organizational,” “driven,” “innovative,” and “analytical.”

LinkedIn reminded members to focus on demonstrating your skills and experience rather than using buzzwords. You can do this by tying words to actual results instead of using “weightless” words. Additionally, the company recommends that you use active language. Rather than saying you’re responsible for something, show how that responsibility delivered results. And finally, let others do the talking for you through endorsements and recommendations.

Remember, you are your brand. Sharing words and visuals relevant to your company on your LinkedIn profile can be just as powerful as if added to your Company Page. Once available to you, use the new Who’s Viewed Your Profile features to take some of the guesswork out of managing your professional identity and increase your brand’s visibility across the platform.