Today Bing – a search engine from Microsoft – announced a new location for users to keep track of all Bing-related actions and account support through its new hub, Bing Central.

The search engine introduced Bing Central, which allows you to check Bing Reward offers, redeem credits, manage search histories, and discover other helpful Bing services and features.

Through Bing Central, you can customize your preferences or filter content. Additionally you can view all of your recent searches, which are listed by date. Other features include creating stock market watch-lists and setting travel alerts for fare changes.

If you’re new to Bing, Bing Central will provide you with guided “missions,” which walk you through everything from planning a night out to checking TV show schedules. Through the missions you can also earn Bing Rewards credits – which can be redeemed for gift cards, Microsoft points, movie tickets, and so on.

Being familiar with more than one search engine is important to any business – especially those with multiple-page websites. Sometimes sites can appear and act differently on different search engines. It’s recommended to test your site on each engine before it goes live. Additionally, you should also be sure to search for your business or brand name on each engine to see where you rank in search results.

[Image credit: Steven Damron]