Today Bing announced an update to its Autosuggest feature, expanding the number of categories that will appear. This not only makes searching faster for you, but it also makes it easier for fans to find you.

Autosuggest offers people a faster way to find the person they’re looking for directly within the search box. Instead of scrolling down the page for search results, Bing provides a snapshot of information about that person just below the search bar.

First introduced in May, the tool was primarily used for celebrities, politicians, athletes, and publicly available LinkedIn profiles. Now, Microsoft has added brands, movies, albums, places, sports teams, and more.

Similar to Google’s Knowledge Graph, Bing understand that there are multiple meanings for the same words, so it gives the searcher the ability to select the right one. For example, someone searching for “pitbull” will be prompted to choose between results for the artist (a person) or the dog (a breed).


For brands, this could come in handy if you share a similar name with another company. Bing will show thumbnails for both businesses, and the consumer can choose the correct one. The ability to turn up LinkedIn profiles is also helpful for CEOs, community managers, and other prominent members of your team.

Paired with Bing’s Social Sidebar — which includes results from Facebook, Foursquare, Quora, Twitter, and so on — the search engine has really increased the likelihood of your brand appearing in results, which is great for customers (or potential customers) using Bing.

The company noted that it’s constantly updating the search engine to include more people, places and things, so expect to see an even wider variety in the coming months.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: Leo Reynolds]