Bing is staying true to its word to help its users get things done faster. The search engine is trying to direct people toward specific actions with a new feature called Action Buttons.

Historically Bing has used deep links – a hyperlink that points to a specific page on a website instead of the site’s main page – as a way to make popular pages within a site more prominent. The reason behind this is so that an individual can quickly narrow down what he or she looking for and go directly to that part of the site. For example, a search result for United Airlines includes links to check in online, baggage, and flight search.

The search engine has gone a step further and introduced Action Buttons. When searching across popular categories – including airlines, restaurants, hotels, and more – buttons for the top actions on the site will appear, which will take a person directly to the page where he or she can complete the task.

“With Action Buttons, it’s less about searching and more about getting things done,” explains Deepak Vijaywargi, Program Manager at Bing. “With one click of a button, you can get to what you’re looking for right from your search results.”

The company has based the Action Buttons on a series of algorithms that determine the top actions for the site. Generally those searching for airlines will perform one of three top tasks: check in to a flight, check the status of a flight, or book a flight.

Businesses across the popular categories – airlines, couriers, restaurants, banks, rental cars, software downloads, and hotels – will benefit as Action Buttons cut down the number of links people need to click to reach a destination. Chances are if an individual finds what he or she is looking for more quickly that that person is more likely to come back.

[Via: Search Engine Watch, Image credit: Tim]