The majority of Twitter’s 200 million active users log in through a mobile device at least once every month. Engagement levels also tend to be higher for people accessing Twitter through a mobile device. But which mobile app should you choose to make sure you’re getting the most out of your mobile Twitter experience?

As you might expect, there are many different Twitter apps currently available for Android; Twitter itself has a popular native app. But how do these other apps stack up against Sprout Social’s Android app? Here are five reasons why Sprout Social is the best app for experiencing Twitter from an Android device.

1. Fully Featured

Unlike many other mobile apps, Sprout Social’s Android app provides you with most of the functionality you’ve come to reply upon from the desktop version. Whether you want to keep track of your Twitter lists, monitor brand mentions, or stay up to date on your direct messages, retweets and new followers — you can do it in the Sprout Social Android app.

You can even schedule tweets with the mobile version of Sprout Queue to make sure that your followers receive your tweets at the best possible time. Familiar and intuitive buttons, icons, and graphics make it a snap to navigate the app, no matter what size screen you happen to be viewing it on.

2. Smart Inbox

On most smartphones, screen real estate is still at a premium. It’s really inconvenient to try and keep track of multiple columns of data especially when your phone is held in the upright position. Sprout Social’s Smart Inbox feature lists all of your incoming and outgoing messages — from multiple Twitter accounts if necessary — in one continuous column, according to the parameters you set in your preferences.

All relevant Twitter messages are punctuated with value added icons, such as the conversation bubble (to access complete conversation streams) and a star that indicates that the tweet you’re reading is from an influential tweeter.

Other standard, intuitive features include Direct Messages that are highlighted in blue to differentiate them from other tweets. There’s also a versatile set of options for each tweet such as the standard “Retweet” button and the very popular “Quote Tweet” option (no longer available on the Twitter desktop application) that allows you to modify a retweet before sending it. Don’t have time to deal with a tweet right now? Click the Email option to send the tweet to a variety of email clients and apps.

3. Tweet History

One of the most useful features that separates Sprout Social (and its Android counterpart) from all other contenders is the “History” function. Just like in the desktop version, you can click on the profile icon for any Twitter account and the first option you’ll be presented with is to check the history of tweets between you and that account.

Clicking this features shows all of the interactions and mentions in reverse chronological order between you and the account in question. This can be vital to see what you’ve already tweeted, or to easily find a capture links or other important information contained within tweets that might have otherwise been lost to the void of time (and Twitter’s default search engine). You don’t need to retweet, or copy and paste a tweet to capture the information you’re looking for. Just tap the tweet, click the Email option and you can send it to a variety of private channels to process later.

4. Social Media Team Management

Enterprise-wide social media management is becoming the norm for companies that want to stay in touch with their customers at all times. Since your customers can connect with you at any time and from any place these days, it’s important that your social media team is well-connected to your customers and with each other to make sure that no problem or opportunity on Twitter is overlooked.

Sprout Social’s comprehensive team workflow management features allow your staff to be just as connected after-hours as when they’re all in the office during the day. A tap on any tweet displays a pin, which when clicked gives you the option of assigning that tweet to other members of your social media management team. You can also change the status of a tweet from “Open” to “Closed” to let your entire team know that you’ve definitively addressed an urgent issue on Twitter.

5. A Mobile Multi-tool

Have you ever carried around a multi-tool in your pocket? If you’re like most people, you probably only use two or three of the actual tools in the gadget. Those two or three utilities are often buried among a variety of other unused (or unusable) add-ons that really only add weight (and inconvenience) to the tool as a whole. Such is the state of many Android-based Twitter apps.

With Sprout Social’s Android app, however, you only have the most useful tools in your kit. Each function is there for a reason and each adds value to the overall mobile Twitter experience. See for yourself. Download the Sprout Social Android app and you may just ask yourself how you ever navigated Twitter remotely without it!

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