Eight months after being acquired by Twitter, the blogging platform Posterous has finally launched a back-up tool.

When the acquisition went through last March, many speculated that the service would change or shut down. While the initial press release promised “ample notice” before any service changes, that didn’t stop hundreds of members from switching to other platforms, like Tumblr or WordPress.

If you’re still considering a move, the backup feature should significantly speed up the process. You can now request a backup of your Space by clicking “Request Backup” next to your Space name on Posterous. When your backup is available, you’ll receive an email which contains a zip file of all of your posts — including any photos and videos you’ve uploaded — in HTML format.

Since the acquisition, Posterous has undergone several disruptions and outages. In July, the service went down for 12 hours after losing multiple databases. Members experience downtime again in October, when the site’s SSL certificate expired. Twitter was honest when it said that this was a talent acquisition, but there is speculation that the timing of the backup feature could mean the end of Posterous in 2013.

Neither Twitter or Posterous have commented on the blogging platform’s future. If you still have content on Posterous, even if you’re not planning on making an immediate switch, it’s wise to request your backup, just in case.

[Via: AllTwitter, Image credit: Akidos]