It’s Twitter Tip Tuesday — every Tuesday we’ll focus on one Twitter Tip and show you how to integrate it into your social media strategy. This week we show you why it might be a good idea to automatically tweet every time you publish an article on your blog.

Twitter, like any social media platform, is most effective when it’s used as a platform for engaging with your audience. Links to articles on your blog can be a great way to initiate that engagement.

While we don’t recommend automation to replace live-tweeting of your articles, sometimes you may get busy and forget to tweet your articles. If you manage a multi-author blog, some of your authors’ articles may get overlooked and not get tweeted. To make sure every article gets its tweet, consider the following methods to automatically tweet your blog articles as soon as they are published.

Using Plugins and Third-Party Applications

If your blog runs on WordPress, there are a variety of plugins you can install to automatically tweet your blog articles such as “WP to Twitter,” “Leenk.Me,” and “Tweetable.” If your blog runs on a platform other than WordPress, consult with your provider to see if corresponding auto-tweet plugins or tools are available.

You can also use third-party applications like Twitterfeed. These applications use your blog’s RSS feed to automatically post updates to Twitter whenever you publish new articles. With Twitterfeed, you set up an account and add your RSS feed; the application will connect your blog with your Twitter credentials to make sure your never miss tweeting an important article.

FeedBurner, one of the more popular RSS feed management applications, works very similarly to Twitterfeed. Being owned by Google, there are a number of configuration options which you can set up in FeedBurner to integrate with other Google applications. Tech blog Dipinit has a great step-by-step article that walks you through the process of setting up a FeedBurner account.

Our own social media management application, Sprout Social, provides an option to link your RSS Feed to your scheduled messages as well (pictured above). You can make some additional customizations like adding prefix text to your tweets or choosing which Twitter account will post the messages.

While live tweeting is the preferred method to update the world on your activities, sometimes this is just not feasible. No matter what tool, application or method you choose, automatically tweeting your blog articles can be an effective way to make sure your stories get seen by as wide an audience as possible.

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