Following the announcement of the iPhone 5, Apple has made available for everyone.

iCloud, which replaced MobileMe, enables you to link all of your Apple devices and share content across them easily. Previously only available to developers in beta, the updated website now features icons for the Notes and Reminders apps, as well as access to Find My Phone and iWork.

Although Apple has integrated the service into all of its products, the most notable addition is iOS 6’s — which launches September 19th — Safari browser. Here, iCloud will remember what you’re browsing on your Mac and automatically sync those tabs to your iPhone and iPad.

As a business professional, if you use Pages, Numbers, or Keynote, all of your documents — with the latest edits — will automatically appear on all of your devices. This is especially convenient for those who often travel or work remotely.

iCloud gives members 5GB of storage for free. Content such as books, apps, videos, or music won’t count against that number; however, email, stored documents, settings, app data, and iOS device backups will be counted. Additional storage can be purchased.

[Via: The Verge, Image credit: Paris on Ponce]