This week, as part of its monthly Operation Developer Love initiative, Facebook has introduced two new features for app developers.

For starters, you can now get insights on how often people find you through the search bar on Using the new Search Results tab in App Insights, canvas developers will see the number of organic and paid clicks from January 21, 2013. Clicks include the number of people who clicked on your app from the search bar, regardless of whether individuals have Graph search.

Facebook noted that clicks from mobile and the search results page aren’t currently included. Despite that omission, this is an important update for any business utilizing Sponsored Results — which can be created through the App Dashboard, Power Editor, and the API.

Additionally, the social network updated its APIs so that its Realtime Updates service now applies to posts on Pages. Previously, the only types of updates you could subscribe to included user information, permissions, payments, and errors.

Now, instead of having to poll a Page repeatedly to see if there have been any comments or posts, you can set up an app to be notified every time there’s a change. Facebook said that this is available to either apps installed as a visible tab or an invisible app that has a “page_access” token.

And finally, Facebook has updated its Platform policies, meaning that all apps will need to have descriptions, display names, and icons that meet the company’s Advertising Guidelines. This was designed to clarify requirements for businesses using both Facebook Ads and Platform.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Coletivo Mambembe]