Although Amazon has provided real-time demos of Android apps on its website for over a year, the online retailer is bringing that functionality directly to mobile hardware.

The company announced that consumers are now able to try apps before buying them through its new beta feature, Test Drive for Android.

Currently, if an app is purchased through the Google Play Store, customers are eligible for a refund within a 15 minute window. Amazon, rather than racing the clock, lets customers sample an app without buying or installing the software.

Test Drive for Android is currently limited to select Android devices — Amazon didn’t elaborate on which phones were compatible. Customers with compatible phones will see a green “Test Drive” button on an app’s product page above the save and share buttons.

Right now, only apps using basic touchscreen features and device accelerometers — which measures tilt and motion — have Test Drive enabled. Amazon said it will work to expand both compatible hardware and the number of Test Drive-enabled apps in the coming months.

Test Drive for Android could be a valuable tool for many consumers once it arrives on more devices. We expect that it will impact your app’s success, now that customers can try before they buy, making first impressions even more important.

To check if your phone has the latest version of Amazon Appstore for Android, open the app’s settings and make sure you’re running version 2.6.53 or higher.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: Zhao]