Amazon has quietly introduced a service that enables third-party vendors to build customized experiences on the platform — just in time for the holidays.

Amazon Pages, which function as custom landing pages, include an Amazon URL, social media integration, and analytics. Registration is free and setup is simple thanks to an easy-to-use editor and pre-stocked templates for creating storefronts.

Participating brands will be able to customize Amazon URLs with their own names (for example Pages will also include Facebook and Twitter buttons as well as “merchandizing widgets,” which let you select and place links to specific products of yours (or others) offered through Amazon.

Through Amazon Posts you’ll be able to update your site with new messages, which can be cross-posted to your Facebook Page as well. You’ll also be able to schedule posts, helping you to plan ahead during the craziness of the holiday season. Right now, this appears to be limited to Facebook, but it’s possible Twitter support will be added.

Although fairly basic, Amazon’s analytics aim to clarify the relationship between social interactions and purchasing decisions. Here you’ll be able to track the usual metrics, including reach, views, and purchase lift. It’s too early to tell how successful Amazon Pages will be at driving traffic and sales, but at no cost, it’s worth taking it for a spin. To get started, you can register your brand at Amazon Marketing Services.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: Carl Malamud]