Today Amazon announced a new addition for Android apps that will allow mobile developers to offer in-app purchases.

The new software — which aims to level the playing field between Apple’s App Store and Google Play — enables developers to charge for digital content and subscriptions, giving them a much-needed source of revenue for their apps.

In-app purchases is a basic functionality of other app stores. Amazon hopes this addition — which is a necessary move if it wants a fighting chance against competitors — will encourage developers to write more software for its store. The feature will also provide extra revenue for Amazon, which takes a 30 percent commission from every in-app purchase.

The biggest benefit from this would be in boosting media sales and engagement from Kindle Fire tablet owners. The device — which costs $199 — currently relies on purchases made through the tablet to generate a profit.

Initial participants include Walt Disney Co., Conde Nast, Gameloft, and Dow Jones, all of which have beta tested the service over the past three months.

While this is a critical update for Amazon and developers, it’s also important for Amazon tablet owners. If you’ve chosen to work off of a Kindle Fire tablet instead of an iPad, this update could make or break your overall experience.

[Via: VentureBeat, Image credit: Zhao]