We’re usually focused on providing insights into how the social web and technology can help businesses and brands make a big impact, but sometimes we like to move beyond a dry reading of best practices.

Today’s example is this brilliantly performed and all-too-funny video starring professional actor Chris Kipiniak reading a restaurant customer’s negative Yelp review.

It’s obviously important to pay attention to your Yelp reviews despite the challenges that Yelp faces as a business. The people leaving them sometimes have legitimate gripes, or may even have deep feelings about their experience with your business. Kipiniak demonstrates that perfectly, but obviously the video is also straight up hilarious.

Our tongue-in-cheek advice is this: Never, ever disappoint a customer this much. He or she might be very sensitive about it and take to the internet to publicly voice his or her complaints. Absurd as this seems, the person who left this comment clearly felt let down or insulted by the manager of a restaurant he otherwise enjoyed.

These reviews aren’t just considerations in your online strategy, though; they’ve reached the point of pop culture talking points. The unwashed masses of internet consumerdom want their voices heard. Listen to them, even if they’re being just a bit over-dramatic. Also, have a good laugh by watching the video.

[Via: Mashable]