Twitter Card

A Twitter card is content designed to give users a rich media experience whenever tweets contain links to a site’s content. Twitter has various card types to show content previews, play video and increase traffic to sites.

Types Of Twitter Cards

There are four main types of Twitter cards. Twitter notes that only one card type is supported per page with the card markup.

How Do I Create A Twitter Card?

Set up Twitter cards by:

  1. Select card type. Choose which card type to display once page is linked in a tweet
  2. Include meta tags. Copy and paste the meta tags for that card type to your site into the <head> section of target page
  3. Test cards. Test the card with the Twitter Card Validator by copying and pasting the URL of the page that now has the meta tags
  4. Submit for approval (for Player cards). Send Player Cards for approval by clicking “Request Approval” for whitelisting
  5. Test cards again. Confirm card displays correctly by tweeting a link to your site

Pros Of Twitter Cards

Increase traffic. Use Twitter cards with rich media to engage users and encourage them to click on links to your product pages, blog posts and more.

Grow app downloads. Draw attention to your apps with a direct link to download in app stores with the App card.

Analyze tweets that have related cards. Gain insights into clicks, app installs and shares for Twitter cards.