Instagram verification

Creating a social media account is simple.

Unfortunately, this means that it’s difficult for social users to know for certain whether they’re following the right people online. Anyone can claim to be Beyoncé or Emma Watson. That’s one of the reasons why social channels began to roll out “verification” to separate the real people from the fakers.

Instagram verification is the highly coveted blue checkmark that tells your Instagram followers you are who you say you are. This mark makes a massive difference to your social success.

Why is Instagram verification important?

Instagram verification places a badge next to your name that identifies you as a legitimate account when customers search for you on the app. Your verification symbol will appear when you comment on a post, publish content, or when people search for your name.

With Instagram verification, you protect your brand from the adverse effects of impersonation and give your customers the peace of mind that comes with knowing they’re connecting with the right people. Verification even accelerates growth for your Instagram profile. Benefits include:

How to get Instagram verified

Earning Instagram verification is an excellent way to stand out on the social channel. However, it’s not always easy to get the blue check you crave. Instagram states that “well-known” brands and figures are verified to protect them from impersonation. So, how do you improve your chances of being recognized?

The easiest option is to apply to be verified – you can check out the full details on how to get Instagram verified with our guide.

In 2018, Instagram introduced the “Request Verification” form on their app. Here, you can fill out your brand details and directly ask for verification. However, it’s not easy to convince Instagram that you deserve a blue badge. You’ll need to show that your account is authentic, unique, complete and notable.

For this reason, it may help to take additional steps towards Instagram verification before completing your application.

How to improve your chances of Instagram verification

There are various ways to boost your chances of being verified. For instance:

Instagram verification is difficult to achieve, but it’s also the best way to generate instant trust and attention online.