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The benefits of consolidating your agencies

By Adapt by Sprout Social / September 10, 2018

No one loves your brand as much as you do.

Brands today are taking elements of social in-house. Why? Because doing so frees up your agencies to solve bigger problems and stretch some creative control.

Beyond that, bringing elements of your social strategy in-house can mean more purposefully defining and maintaining your social presence. More control in crafting and owning the nuances of conveying ideas, solving problems and designing a brand voice.

It’s strategizing in a more committed way. The nature of an in-house social team means you’re side-by-side in the decision making process.
Outside perspectives will never go out of vogue and brands will always need experts and agencies to coordinate the different aspects of the bigger picture. But if your considering freeing up your agency’s plate so they can solve big, creative problems, this may be a good solution.

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