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Communication is Central Customer Care

Why Communication Is Central to Great Customer Care

By Adapt by Sprout Social / May 30, 2018

The importance of communication doesn’t need to be explained. It’s the single integral component to every human experience.

But that awareness isn’t quite enough to exercise good communication. The key is in the nuances—the social cues, the tone, the personal knowledge—all the facets of communication that make it personalized.

And if your customer care strategy is an unembellished, impersonal, boilerplate of an approach, how is your brand making connections with its customers? How are you building trust?

Do you care?

You should.

Sure, it’s generally understood that customer care is about building trusted relationships between brands and consumers. Still, we can fall victim to bad customer service because many brands don’t prioritize customer support efforts.

If your organization really cares about the customer experience, every opportunity to interact would be used as an opportunity to build a lasting relationship. Every conversation should bear in mind that your customer has a busy life, and it’s your job to take questions or concerns off of their shoulders and onto yours.

Ask to understand and connect. De-escalate concern or anger. Reassure.

Communication is the glue that keeps customer experiences from falling apart. Without it, few other aspects of the customer’s journey will matter.

Richard Sharpe, Divisional Manager at Casio UK, speaks to the importance of fleet communication in customer care.

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