Has Google Lost its Voice
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Has Google Lost Its Voice?

Ahh Google. Old friend, faithful ally, omnipotent ruler of the inter-web. For so long you’ve been infallible. You gave me Search when I used to surf. You bestowed Reader upon me when I finally found…

Introducing Twitter Tip Tuesday
  • Twitter

Introducing: Twitter Tip Tuesday

We’re introducing a new blog series here on Sprout Social Insights called Twitter Tip Tuesday and here’s how it works… Every Tuesday we’ll focus on just one (1) Twitter Tip that you can use to…

Attracting the right fans on Twitter
  • Twitter

Attracting the Right Followers on Twitter

All followers are not created equal: Attracting the right followers on Twitter When I first came across Twitter in 2009, I thought “yep…don’t have time right now but I’m sure it’ll be important in the…

Top five applications for mobile organization
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Top 5 Mobile Apps for Organizing Your Life

Organize your life with mobile phone applications The ‘app’ store is an amazing place for people looking to make the most out of their time. Of the hundreds of thousands of apps available, a select…

7 steps for successful location based social media campaign
  • Facebook
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7 Steps to a Successful Location-Based Social Media Campaign

If all publicity is good publicity, what’s even better? Free publicity. And what’s even better than that? When the free publicity comes straight from customers. One key to developing your online marketing strategy as a…

employees and social media we all live in public

Employees and Social Media: We All Live In Public!

The lines that used to separate work from pleasure are becoming increasingly blurred. The workplace has changed markedly in recent years with the advent of telecommuting and varied work hours and locations. These days, when…

foursquare business dashboard
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How to Make Effective Use of the foursquare Dashboard

As geo-location is finally proving to be an effective marketing tool for small and local businesses, it’s time we looked at how the most successful companies are using the current services. In much the same…

social media is about winning mindshare
  • Mobile

Why Social Media ROI Doesn’t Matter (Yet)

Social Media ROI (return on investment) is a topic I find I’m discussing more and more these days. But unless I’m talking to an online business, my perspective is always the same: “It doesn’t matter.”…

Add value - rise above the noise
  • Twitter

Growing Your Twitter Audience Starts With Adding Value

This post is part of our Twitter for Business: Fundamentals Series. Add Value. Be Useful. There is no better way to facilitate success with social media than by adding value to your audience. While adding…

creating an offline social media strategy
  • Advertising

Creating an Offline Social Media Strategy

It’s official… Social Media is a fantastic way to connect and engage with your customers and potential customers. Social media allows you to reach hundreds, even thousands of people online. But unless you’re selling products…


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