Much has been made of a new report out this week showing that teens aren’t as engaged in location-based applications as adults.

First, realize that this survey was conducted in the U.K. where the presence of Facebook Places, Foursquare, Gowalla and others are not as strong as they are in North America. Second, let’s see what lessons can be learned in marketing to teens that do use these services.

Dubit, a youth communications agency out of Leeds in the United Kingdom, surveyed 1,000 teens from ages 11-18. Gender and age were spread equally among respondents.

Almost half the teens surveyed had no awareness of Facebook Places, Foursquare, Gowalla or SCVNGR. Two-thirds of those who have heard of these services don’t use them. More girls avoid them than boys.

Here’s where it gets interesting for local businesses. Of the teens surveyed that use these services, 48% do so because they find them “fun” and 45% use them to let their friends know where they are. Special offers and insider tips rank far below the fun and friends factors for teens.

So while coupons and comments offered through location-based services are helpful, if you are catering to teens, the social aspect of your business is more important. Is your place somewhere teens want to be known to hang out? Is it accommodating to their friends who may be with them?

You can even take this one step further and offer deals that take into consideration the tendency of teens to go out together. Examples include buy one, get one free deals or a group discount.

While location-based companies work on encouraging more people to sign up for their service, you can make sure that you are targeting your customer effectively.