Facebook has made it easier to turn your daily status updates into eye-catching advertisements with the introduction of Promoted Posts. But in order to be successful, you need to get readers interested in your brand rather than turning them off.

As a marketer, there are several important but hazy lines that you must walk. You need to sell without making an explicit pitch. You need to promote without appearing over-eager. To further complicate your job, there’s no single solution to finding a balance between those opposing needs.

Not everything has to be a blatant advertisement. Even if you’re not planning on turning your latest update into an ad, the whole point of your Facebook Page is to connect you with your customers in hopes of increasing sales. This means that whether you intend to or not, your status update is promoting your brand and product.

To help keep your updates fresh, frequent, and consumer-friendly, Facebook page builder ShortStack has put together an infographic that highlights 10 quick tips for better status updates. Some of the featured examples would make for great promoted posts, while others will help you show off the more light-hearted side of your brand.


[Via: AllFacebook, Image credit: Anita Hart]